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Super Foods For Your Baby’s Brain Development

Every parent wants his/her baby to be intelligent and wise enough. All the intelligence of the baby depends on the nutrients which the baby takes from edibles/food. Here are some of the superfoods for your baby’s brain development.

There are various micro-nutrients which need to be fulfilled when it comes to the balanced diet of a child. For brain development at the desired pace, the baby needs to have an adequate intake of DHA and other cognitive conducive nutrients. DHA plays a very important part when it comes to the brain, the mental or cognitive health of a baby.

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Super Foods for Brain Health of Your Baby

Breast-milk: The primary and the most important source of all the necessary nutrients for the baby is the breast-milk. The breast-milk is the natural source of DHA, proteins, vitamins, amino acid, carbs, fat and minerals which are all important for the overall growth of the baby including the brain, mental or cognitive health.

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Vegetables & Fruits: After the first six months, semi-solid foods may be introduced in the diet of your baby  The baby may be offered banana. The Apple Puree, Sapodilla or Chikoo (mashed) can also be offered to the baby.

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Broccoli: Being rich in iron and minerals, Broccoli also works as an enhancer to the brain health and strong cognitive skills of the baby. This protects all the nutrients to be protected & preserved for the purposed advantage.

Besides above, the baby should also be offered eggs, nuts & seeds, yogurt, berries among other to facilitate the self-paced growth of your baby’s brain and cognitive skills.


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