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When and How to Introduce Dry Fruits to Baby


Dry fruits have enormous amount of key nutrients that support the overall development of the child. With this video guide on when and how to introduce dry fruits to baby, we will further explain the method and manner in which dry fruits may be offered to your baby.

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Here is the video guide…

When and how to introduce dry fruits to baby?

The baby may be offered the dry fruits in blended form after an age of 10 months.

How to offer dry fruits to baby?

In blended form: A baby of an age of 10 months should be offered the dry fruits in blended form. To do this, first chop dry fruits and dry roast them. Let the roasted dry fruits cool. Blend the roasted fruits to make powder from it. Keep the blended dry fruits powder in an air tight container. The container should be fridge kept. Offer the dry fruits in small quantities mixed with porridge.

How to offer dry fruits to toddlers?

The dry fruits to toddlers may be offered in mixed form. The dry fruits may be mixed with:
Breakfast cereals.
Thicken milk.
Dry fruits bars.
Or any other food item, your baby love to eat.

Healthy tips.

Do not offer sugar coated dry fruits to your baby. This may cause cavities and tooth decay.
Do not offer whole nuts as this may cause choking risks in babies.
Consult your paediatrician in case your baby shows any allergy symptoms like vomiting, eye rashes, body rashes, watery eyes, runny nose etc.

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