Baby Burping
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Why Baby Needs to Burp After Feeding: A Guide for Parents

Burping is the process of expelling air from the stomach through the mouth. Burping a baby is as essential as feeding him/her. Babies need to be burped after every feeding.

Why do babies need to be burped?

  • For digestion of breast milk/ formula milk.
  • What a mother eats or drinks is passed on the baby through breast milk, which can make the baby feel uneasiness.
  • Bottle-feeding babies swallow excessive air which could make them gassy and colic.

Burping is a part of feeding. Parents often get confused why a baby needs to be burped every time after feeding is over, how burping can help the baby comfortable, what are the techniques of burping a baby or tips to use while burping the baby.

Here is the video which clears all doubts of new parents related to burping.

Methods of Burping
Over the shoulder.
Hold the baby in an upright position with the chin placed on your shoulder and make sure the body of the baby is properly supported. Gently pat your baby’s back with another hand till the baby releases excessive air.

Taking the baby in the lap.
Hold the baby’s chest and head with one hand and rub the back of your baby with another hand.

Baby on his tummy in the lap.
Lay down your baby on his belly with the head properly supported and placed higher than the chest and rub back of your baby gently.

Tips to follow while burping a baby

  • Hold the baby in an upright position after feeding is over.
  • Use another method of burping if the baby does not take burp in 10-15 minutes after feeding.
  • If you are breastfeeding, burp your baby while switching the breasts.
  • If your baby is bottle feeding, burp him after every 2 or 3 ounces of feeding.
  • Can make babies cranky, gassy and colic if not burped after feeding.
  • Breastfed babies are less likely to be burped as compared to formula milk feeding babies because babies swallow less air during breastfeeding as compared to bottle feeding.
  • You need not burp the baby if the baby falls asleep during the feeding. Only give gentle pats on the baby back or rub the back gently for some minutes.
  • Put muslin cloth on your lap or shoulder before burping because some babies spit some milk during the process of releasing excessive air.

Till what time the baby needs to be burped?

Till two months, baby needs to be burped after every feeding. About four to six months, baby’s neck muscles get strong and baby is able to take the burp on his own.

What if the baby doesn’t burp.

  • Change the baby position.
  • Try another way of burping.
  • Check feeding bottle nipples. It should be of appropriate size according to the age of the baby. If the nipple is large, the baby will swallow the air more quickly.
  • Give gripe water with the consultation of your paediatrician (to relieve gas and calm the colic baby)