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How to Keep Your Uterus Healthy: A Guide

The uterus of a woman is the base of all her reproductive capacities. A healthy uterus ensures a healthy pregnancy. And a healthy pregnancy results in healthy babies. All this also happens to be a blessing for a woman herself. The video below and this article is a guide on how to keep your uterus healthy.

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Here is the video guide.

Why to care for her uterus?

By caring for the health of the uterus, many abnormalities can be avoided:
painful periods
dysfunctional uterine bleeding
other menstrual abnormalities

How to keep your uterus healthy?

Avoid products that contain xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogen is not good for the health of the uterus. It reduces the flexibility of the uterine walls. Xenoestrogen makes the uterine walls thinner and fragile.

Xenoestrogen is found in food items i.e.
commercially raised meat and dairy products.
unfiltered tap water.
plastic wrapped foods.
artificial food additives.

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Avoid disposable menstrual products. Instead use organic cotton pads.

Avoid having sex with more than one partners.

Have a clean sex partner. Ask him to attend to genital hygiene before any sexual interaction.

Eat cold water fish. Cold water fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It also helps in reducing the chances of mal-positioning of the uterus.

Avoid taking too much of birth control pills. These pills interfere negatively in the natural interactions of the hormones. Instead, use other safe contraceptives.

Avoid holding urine for longer time. This may harm your uterus. It may induce pelvic infections as well.

What more?

Monitor your vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge speaks a lot about the health of your uterus. Yellow and smelly discharge may be an indication of an infection.

Quit smoking if you are into it.

Maintain a healthy body weight.

Do not take prolonged sittings. Take a few steps to walk at regular intervals.

Massage your abdomen with rose essential oil.

Have Vitamin C rich food to boost uterus immunity.

During periods avoid taking cold or raw food items.

Have a varied and nutritional diet.

Remember: Wonder of life begins in the womb of a woman. So, be caring towards your uterus. We hope this article and the video guide above has been useful to know more about how to keep your uterus healthy.



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