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How To Manage/Reduce Post-Pregnancy/Delivery Weight : A Guide

Post pregnancy or after delivering baby, one of the matters of concern for mothers is weight management or to say how to reduce weight which was put on during and throughout the pregnancy. Some mothers gain more weight than others. There is no hard and fast rule to know as to how much weight would be gained during or post pregnancy. Most of the mothers, if not all, want to find some magic tricks or to say some quick weight loss techniques but BEWARE, you are a lactating mother too. If you start diet control, your baby will automatically be left with less amount of nutrients which would otherwise be available if you hadn’t started dieting. This is the time when whatever you eat, the same is passed on to your baby via breastfeed. So, be careful while resorting to any quick weight loss technique.

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Is It Normal To Witness Increased Weight Post Pregnancy/Delivery?

ABSOLUTELY YES. It is quite normal if you are put on with a post pregnancy/delivery weight. And, be remembered, the increased weight will automatically BUT steadily get to normal. Yo need to have patience and to follow some healthy rules.

Do You Need To Go On Diet Control?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Don’t get into that at all. Post delivery, your body need rejuvenation and a large amount of nutrition. You need to eat healthy and not to starve yourself. Otherwise, it could be a major cause for the poor health of you as well as your baby.

Remember, no nutritionist or dietitian will recommend diet control post pregnancy/delivery while you are a lactating mother.

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Rather, you should follow these golden rules to manage your post pregnancy/delivery weight.

Breastfeed Your Baby.

Your baby’s first and the most nutritious source is mother’s milk. Your baby has all the rights to have a healthy body and life ahead and you need to ensure the same. By breastfeeding your baby, you will burn extra calories too which will bring normalcy in the weight gain tendency in your post pregnancy/delivery body.

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Stay Away From Any Kind Of Stress.

There are various scientific studies which have concluded that stressful conditions may also increase the chances of weight gain tendencies. At this time, you are also witnessing various changes in your mood, nature and general behaviour due to hormonal changes. At this time, you need to keep yourself away from the any stressful condition or things which may depress you.

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Pay Attention To Your Food.

Do not skip food. Take small meal at healthy intervals. Take low fatty food. Do not take fast food or fried snacks. Drink water as much as you can and do not opt drinks having sugary content. Limit sugar intake but don’t avoid sugar at all. Eat vegetables based foods rich in fibre, this will keep you full at tummy and you will not feel hungry too frequently. Practice to chew your food properly and take time to finish your food, do not eat too fast.

Take Mild To Light Physical Exercise.

Unless not recommended by your doctor, undertake mild to light physical exercises. This will help you burn extra calories and put a control on weight gain and will eventually reduce unwanted weight. Take time to have short walks with your baby. Relax and sleep well.

Be Steady On Weight Loss.

The tummy fat will be gone steadily. And this cannot be achieved overnight, remember. Do not fall prey to the lurking diet planner or the so called dietitians who make rosy promises to help you loose weight overnight. Do your home wok (read reviews and have recommendations) before hiring a nutritionist or dietitian. You need to be very realistic on your weight loss targets and none of these targets should in any case be overnight.

Visit Your Doctor.

If even after months, you have not been able to put a break on the weight gain tendency or loose excess weight, there might be some medical conditions behind the same. In that case, you need to visit your doctor to undergo any prescribed examinations i.e. it could be thyroid related issues or could be some other health issue.


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