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A Guide on Herbs to Increase Breast Milk Supply

New mothers feel depressed sometimes because of not producing an optimum quantity of breast milk. This video brings you the list of herbs to take to maintain Breast milk supply. Hope you will benefit from the information which we brought to you via this video.

Below is the list of herbs explained in this video along with its properties:

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle is counted in the category of species and considered as galactagogue from ancient times to increase breastmilk supply of lactating mothers. Leaves of this plant are bitter in taste and should not be consumed directly. Breastfeeding mothers should consult to their doctor before using this herb as use of more than permitted quantity may cause stomach infection and skin irritations. Dry leaves of this herb are available online and works the same as raw thistle works.


Shatavari which is also known as Asparagus is being used in Ayurvedic medicines to cure female reproductive issues and to increase breastmilk supply. Roots and leaves both works as a wonder in the form of galactagogue. Shatavari can be consumed in form of powder, capsules, tablets or liquid extracts.

Brewers Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is used as a nutritional supplement to support lactation in breastfeeding mothers. There is not enough study to support brewer’s yeast as galactagogue but it has helped mothers to increase breastmilk supply as it contains protein, iron, vitamin B, chromium and selenium. Brewer’s yeast is the main ingredient in lactation cookies.


Alfalfa which is also known as Medicago sativa is a flowering plant has been used for centuries to help nursing mothers to increase breastmilk supply. It is being used in the food and in the medicinal form to support lactating mothers and also to cure other digestive disorders and kidney problems. Alfalfa is used as galactagogue but talk to your doctor before adding this herb in your diet as use of this herb for the long term may cause stomach upset issues in mothers and in infants as well.

Goat’s Rue

Goat’s rue which is also known as Galega officinalis is a popular herb used to produce more breastmilk and to boost breast tissues. Direct consumption of goat’s rue plant leaves is dangerous so it is advisable to consume this herb in capsule, powder or in tablet form.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds which are also known as Foeniculum vulgare is a flowering plant species. This is commonly used in cooking & in the form of the herb, tea, capsules and powder form for medicinal uses and is considered safe for breastfeeding mothers. Talk to your doctor about the number of fennel seeds you can take as a nursing mother so as to avoid food allergy in infants and digestive issues.

Red Raspberry Leaf

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the red raspberry leaf can boost breastmilk supply in lactating mothers. This herb can be consumed in the form of tea, powder or capsules and helpful in reducing postpartum depression and works as uterus toner to recover after delivery.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle which is also known as Urtica dioica is a leafy green plant contains various nutrition which is helpful for breastfeeding mothers to increase breastmilk supply. It can be started immediately after delivery and can be continued until you are breastfeeding your baby. Stinging nettle can be consumed in the form of a capsule, tea, food or in powder form. The potential side effect of using this herb includes stomach upset, diarrhoea, the overabundant supply of breast milk and breast engorgement. Consult to a lactation consultant before using this herb so as to avoid any side effects.


Moringa is a nutritional herb for new mothers which contains iron, calcium and vitamin K. Moringa taste is similar to spinach and can be consumed by adding in juices, smoothies and savoury dishes. It may almost double breastmilk supply if consumed as galactagogue to support breastmilk production.


Spirulina contains Omega-3/6/9 fatty acids, protein, iron, antioxidants and vitamin B which is helpful for recovery after delivery and to increase breastmilk supply. Spirulina is completely safe to take while breastfeeding if the source is 100% organic and chemical-free. Talk to your doctor about the quantity and form of spirulina to be consumed while breastfeeding.


Borage leaves which are also known as Borago officinalis are known to increase breastmilk supply but may have some adverse effect on breastfed baby due to its components. Talk to a lactation consultant about the form and quantity of borage you can take while breastfeeding.


Anise can be consumed in the form of tea, powder or capsules to increase breastmilk supply and is also used to treat discomfort during menstrual discomfort and pain. Use organic anise seeds for tea and to consume in powder form to boost breastmilk supply.

Humulus Lupulus

Humulus Lupulus which is also known as Hops is used to treat restlessness and anxiety. It is used to treat hormonal disorders and works as galactagogue to increase breastmilk supply.

Basil Leaves

Basil which is also known as Ocimum basilicum has been used in Ayurveda to increase breastmilk supply. It is a rich source of carotene, niacin, thiamine and iron. Don’t use basil leaves in concentrated form but can be used in foods.

Dill leaves

Dill leaves are high in fibre, the rich source of vitamin K, A, C, antioxidants, and minerals which is helpful to boost breastmilk supply. It is helpful to recover blood loss during delivery and can be consumed in tea or powder form.

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