Baby’s Activity: 7-9 Month

Baby’s Milestones or Activities are the first things of baby’s childhood. Ranging from getting feeding to identify the signs and to understand various atmospheric activities surrounding him or her forms part of baby’s milestones or the first activities of a newborn.

This Video brings you an introductory depiction of various activities, a baby first learn to do in the 7-9 months (Baby’ Milestones in 7-9 Months).

Here is the video!


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You may need following things for your baby after 6 months of age:

Baby Walker

High Chair

Sippy Cup

Feeding Plate

Feeding Bowl

Feeding Spoon

Baby Food Feeder

Baby Bibs

Baby Blocks

Baby Activity Center

Early Walker Shoes

Baby Formula Milk

Baby Diaper

Baby Flap Books

Plush Toys

Musical Toys






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