Baby loves body massage and it is easy way to soothe your baby when baby is colic, cranky, hard time to sleep and tummy upset. In this video we have explained the benefits baby gets with regular massage by the parent. Hope you will benefit from the information which we brought to you via this video.

Here is the video!


Following are some of the massage essentials which you may need for your baby:

Baby Massage oil

A large number of baby massage oils are available in the market but which oil suits to baby’s sensitive skin, differs from baby to baby. Following types of oil can be used for massaging your baby

Coconut Oil


Almond Oil


Olive Oil



Sesame Oil


Castor Oil


Clarified Butter (Ghee)


Mustard Oil



Tea Tree Oil


Calendula oil


Chamomile Oil


Sunflower Oil


Baby Massage Oil

Read the ingredients and expiration date of the baby massage oil carefully.


Baby Cotton Mat

Always use Cotton or Non slippery mat for your baby while giving massage. You may also use baby towel or cotton bedsheet for massage.

Baby Toys

Always keep one or two toys with you while giving massage to distract your baby’s attention if baby starts crying.


Feeding Bottle

Get the feeding bottle ready before giving massage as some babies sleep after massage.


Always remember following points while massaging your baby:

  • Choose paraben free, organic and chemical free oil for your baby’s soft skin
  • Read the label carefully while buying the massage oil for your baby.
  • Do not use essential oils without dilution.
  • Always follow right techniques while massaging your baby. Take advise from elders in your family.
  • Wash your hands before giving massage to your baby.


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