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Precautions After Caesarean/C-Section Delivery: A Guide For Recovery

The delivery time is the crucial time point for both the parents as well as the baby. If this is a normal delivery, there are lesser chances of post-delivery medical apprehensions. But if this is a caesarean or C section delivery, it is just like any other surgery. And all the precautions which apply to a major surgery need to be taken care of by the delivering mothers. This article and video guide explain some of the key precautions after caesarean/C-Section delivery which need to be taken care of.

Not just the delivering mothers but their husbands and other family members should take note of these precautions as they together can very well manage the post-delivery medical apprehensions which a delivering mother or the baby may face.

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Here is the video guide…

Here is the list of precautions after caesarean or c-section deliveries:

Move Slowly.

You have gone through a surgery and you need to take note of the same. You are expected to recover from the after incision process and a due time should be taken for the same, try not to be an athlete out of the hospital bed. Move slowly under as instructed by your doctor. Let your body have light movement, this will fasten the healing process.

Lift The Baby Weight Not More Than That.

Do not lift any weight more than that of your baby. Just lift your baby, cuddle her/him and have an opportunity to connect to your baby emotionally as well as physically. Don’t engage in any strenuous activity which needs too much of physical activity. Relax and enjoy the motherhood. Say NO to stairs. Do not exercise if not advised by the Doctor. Breastfeed your baby regularly, this will help in reducing breast tenderness/pain.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Have plenty of water and a liquid diet to keep yourself hydrated. This will help you keep the urinary as well as vaginal infections at bay. You have a vomiting instinct towards having too much water, you may seek your doctors’ advice to suggest an alternative liquid diet.

Avoid Sexual Intercourse.

You have gone through a surgery. And all your body parts especially the lower abdomen, uterus and vaginal connect needs time to recover from that. Do not have sex without specifically been advised by your doctor. Your doctor will not suggest you to engage in sexual intercourse until it is safe. Moreover, your partner will also be convinced of this because he loves you and want you to recover as soon as possible.

Pay Attention To Cleanliness And Hygiene.

Your body especially the scars areas including the incision area, the vaginal parts etc. should be clean at all the possible times. This will help you stay away from vaginal and fungal infections. Maintaining cleanliness around is good for both the mother as well as the baby.

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Say NO To Smoking/Alcohol.

Don’t smoke or take alcohol as you are a lactating mother too. And you also need to let other medications work properly to help you recover from the caesarean which you recently have gone through. Moreover, your baby want to have a healthy lactation diet from you, don’t smoke or take alcohol as this will harm your baby at the same time.

Feel Relaxed & Stress-Free.

Try to be relaxed at all times. Wear loose clothes to have a relaxed body movement. Share your feelings with others especially with your husband and family members. Stay away from all the things which may depress you or atleast which may feel you stressed. Have chit-chat with your friends. Feel yourself a blessed mother!

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Consult Your Doctor If You Have Any Of Below Mentioned Symptoms.

  • Frequent fevers
  • Redness in the incision area
  • Foul odour from vaginal discharge
  • Abdominal or breast pain
  • Itching or bleeding
  • Feeling low/stressed/depressed
  • Not being able to sleep properly
With proper advice from your doctor and the much-needed support of your partner and family, you will speedily be recovering from the caesarean surgery and will return to your healthy state of body as well as mind. Happy Motherhood, Happy Parenting!

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  • LittlesParenting

    Dear Rupasi, A minimum of six weeks should be taken before taking up car driving after caesarean delivery. A six weeks rest & care is needed for your body to rejuvenate & back to normalcy after the C Section delivery.

  • sarmila

    now it is 5 months can i do zumba for belly fat or what r the activities that i should follow for belly fat?

  • LittlesParenting

    Hi Sarmila, If this was a C Section delivery, you should give another 1-2 months to let your body rejuvenate. As far as belly fat is concerned, you may start with a simple walk to light running to begin with. Try to have a walk of atleast 200 steps every hour throughout the day. We are also coming with a guide to reduce belly fat in coming weeks, stay tuned!

  • LittlesParenting

    Hi Talat, With six months completed, you may start working on your belly weight reduction. Don’t go for stretching exercise rather start with light ones. Take medium to fast step walk to begin with at least one time a day. Make a routine to take atleast 200 steps walk every hour between 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Start taking fennel seeds water every morning and evening, this will help you loosing weight as well as gain optimum level of breastfeed production.

    AND keep following us, very soon we will bring you more stuffs on reducing belly weight. Happy motherhood!

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