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Role of DHA in Baby’s Brain Development and Cognitive Health

The first two years of the childhood of your baby are very important and this is the period when the brain of your baby develops at the fastest pace. This article the DHA for cognitive health of the baby.

Most of the cognitive health of your baby builds during this the most. Why mothers are strongly suggested to breastfeed the babies because the mother’s milk contains the DHA nutrients besides other vitalities which support the growth of the baby.

The DHA requirements of the baby should be taken care of the parents as the topmost priority in the first two years. Although, human bodies need DHA through lifetime childhood is the crucial point of time when DHA nutrients need to be ensured to your baby’ in-take.

Almost all the leading formula milk-producing companies have made the DHA nutrients available in their formula milk. The parents should choose formula milk for their baby’s early childhood which contains all the goodness of DHA. Be reminded that the breastfeed is always the first recommended diet your baby at least for the first six months.

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Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a prominent fatty acid present in the human brain which performs the function like neurotransmitter to support the human cognitive skills and health.

As per a scientific study as published in scientific journal, Nutrients, ‘Improving the dietary habits of mothers-to-be, pregnant and lactating women, and infants and children, with a particular focus on consuming high-quality sources of DHA, may be feasible strategies to enhance tissue levels and reap the corresponding developmental and cognitive benefits.’

The study further says that dietary supplementation of DHA during the first year of life likely leads to enhanced cognitive performance.

DHA appears to have the ability to influence many different signaling pathways, receptor systems, enzyme activities, membrane structures and dynamics that ultimately lead to overall better development, maintenance and aging of the CNS, resulting in optimal cognition throughout the lifespan, the above mentioned study concludes.

The cognitive health includes brainy health, the emotional quotient as well as the level of reaction in the baby. The DHA plays an important role in ensuring that your baby has stable and vital cognitive abilities and brainy at the mental abilities.

So if you want your baby to be intelligent and good at all the things which you expect him/her to do in his life ahead, you need to pay special attention to this vitality of DHA and ensure that you baby is having a regular diet rich in DHA properties.

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