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When & How to Introduce Apple to Baby

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of nutrients which are essential for the human body. Child in his or her early life needs more nutrients to support his or her early growth cycle. It has been always a matter of concern for the parents how to make their child eat fruits.

Apple is one of the major fruits rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In this video, we have brought a guide for the parents on when and how to introduce apple to their babies. The video guides on various forms and ways in which an Apple can be given to their child which the child will love to eat with.

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We have all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Apple is a great fruit for your baby to start with because it is easy to digest and considered as one of the least allergenic foods. Your baby is sure to love their sweet flavor.

When can you introduce apple to your baby?
Apple is the best food item to start with for babies. Introduce apple to your baby when the baby completes 6 months of age and when the baby starts to show signs that he is ready for the solids.

How to give apples to the baby?

To 6 months old baby: Cooked apples can be offered to the baby as their first solid foods in forms of apple puree and apple sauce.

To 1 year old baby: One year baby is able to chew apple and can be offered as small apple slices (to avoid the risk of choking hazard) after peeling. You can also offer apples to one year and older baby in forms of:

Apple Juice
Baked Apples
Apple and rice pudding
Apple Salad with grains
Mixed fruits puree
Apple and other fruits mix smoothie

You can also mix apples with oats, barley, whole grains, yogurt, and other fruits.

Which apples to be used?
Any type of ripe apples can be used to offer to baby and it is best to buy organic apples for the baby if possible. Select apples which are firm and without spots and cuts while buying for the baby.

How to wash apples?
It is necessary to wash apples before giving to the baby or preparing any apple recipe for baby to remove waxed skin as they may trap bacteria and make your baby ill. Wash apples under running water, let them dry and peel.

Precautions while introducing apple to baby:
It is recommended to follow 3 days rule while introducing apple to the baby which means continue to feed apples to your baby continuously for 3 days to see any adverse reaction on the baby. If baby shows any signs of food allergy, discontinue to feed and try after some days again. If still after removing the apple from baby’s diet any allergy symptom continues, talk to the pediatrician.

Always peel the apple while offering as finger food to the baby.
Making sure your baby can eat apples and develop a liking for them it is recommended to create a wide variety of apple recipes and let your baby enjoy the beautiful flavors.

Always consult the pediatrician before introducing solids to baby. Continue to feed breast milk along with solid foods until one year of age at least.



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