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Don’t Eat These Foods in Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the time when your baby ‘to be’ needs all the motherly fluids and nutrients inside the mother’s ‘to be’ womb. The baby ‘to be’ is totally and exclusively dependent on motherly nutrition. So it becomes necessary to think and re-think before any food while you are pregnant. As a normal being (not being pregnant), we may introduce or discontinue any food type.

In case we introduce a food which causes any ill condition, say, food poisoning, it is we only who will suffer from that. But when it becomes to the pregnant women to extra care is needed to be taken as the the baby ‘to be’ may also suffer due to any such unfortunate things. Here we will discuss some of the foods which you shouldn’t eat while your are pregnant.

Here is the video guide.

Some of the foods which pregnant women should avoid are:

Raw Meat.
Raw or Semi-Cooked Eggs.
Raw Sprouts.
Unpasteurised milk and its products.
Unpasteurised juices.
Unwashed fruits.
Stale Food.
Fish containing mercury.
Herbal teas i.e. green tea etc.
Caffeine and products containing caffeine.

What To Have:

Have good mood during the entirety of your pregnancy as the good mood coupled with good feelings will transmit natural happiness to your baby ‘to be’.

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Stay away from all the circumstances which may cause stress to you. Avoid depression as the depression or stress like conditions if experiences during pregnancy will harm your pregnancy as well as the health of your baby ‘to be’. 

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