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How Stress Affects Your Pregnancy Health & How To Manage/Avoid It


The term ‘stress’ has become a common symptom of lifestyle related issues. The life has become so fast and stressful that the same has become difficult to avoid a stressful condition in most cases. When it comes to the pregnancy health, the pregnant women need to take care of this lifestyle related issue very cautiously as the same may have dangerous effects on their pregnancy health and their babies ‘to-be’.

So What Basically, Stress Is All About?
It may be related to your personal or professional life and most case it may be due to hormonal changes after getting conceived the pregnancy. You need to come clear on all the stress causing factors to manage or possibly avoid the stressful condition.

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If the pregnant women is stressful, it is natural that they are transmitting their stress to their babies in inheritance, mind it. The cord supplying all the nutrition to your baby inside your womb is a natural transmission system which connects you to your baby, your baby to you, your emotions to your baby, baby’s emotions to you and the circle goes on till the time your baby takes birth.

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If you have a stressful condition, naturally your baby will also be exposed with the same. You may be aware of all those negative impacts of a stressful life and you won’t like your baby to get all those negative things. So, it is the time to get over of this stressful condition if you are in.

How To Manage Or Avoid The Stress?
It may not be so difficult as you might have thought to avoid a stressful condition in most cases. There might be some circumstances where you may feel it hard to avoid a stressful condition but in more than 90% cases, the stress is very well manageable and avoidable. Point out the reasons for your stressful condition, if it is created by you only, just throw all those reasons out of your mind and accept the fact that those reasons must not be allowed to ruin your healthy pregnancy and the health of your baby who is coming to see you soon. Your baby wants to see you smile 🙂 all the time you keep his/her in your womb shelter. Become a caring mother, your baby deserves all your attention, all your bonding and all your positive vibes to let him/her grow inside you because when he/she takes birth he/she will want to see the mother who kept him/her with that much of love, affection, care and responsibility.

How Your Partner Can Help?
Your partner has a key role to help you to discharge this responsibility. He should understand that whatever his partner thinks and feels is going to affect their baby in the same way directly. Your partner also want to see you keep yourself healthy and peaceful at mind feeling all the goodness of having a blessed pregnancy. He should make all his support and attention available to you, to let you feel that he is also feeling about ‘the baby to come’ in the same way you are feeling. Your personal likes, dislikes, your business or professional affairs may be attended to later but you must take care of the thing which you have this time, the blessed pregnancy 🙂 

In the cases when you feel it difficult to manage your stress, speak to your partner, discuss the stress causing reasons and get over of it. You should seek counselling from your health professional or pregnancy consultant to get you all the professional help to manage and avoid the stressful condition. Exercise or Yoga are also effective in stressful condition BUT seek medical advice before undertaking any of such things.

You Are The Blessed Guardian Of The Human Civilisation
So, you are a blessed woman who is helping a natural phenomena, the human growth. You becomes more important pillar of human civilisation, when you carry forward your responsibility of having a healthy pregnancy as a healthy pregnancy gives birth to a healthy baby, a healthy human being ‘to be’ 🙂


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