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Jul 04

Is Pacifier Safe for Babies ?

  A Pacifier, also known as dummy, teether, soother, binky or nibbler is introduced to calm the baby. We have brought this video explaining the pros and cons of a pacifier for babies and precautions while introducing pacifier to the baby. Here is the video!  Below are some of the leading brands of pacifiers […]

Jun 22

Is Chocolate Safe for Babies ?

  Chocolate for its very addictive and aromatic taste is favourite of most people including our little ones, the babies. Besides many nutritional characteristics, the chocolate has been a subject of research and reviews whether it should or should not be offered to the babies. Many scientific studies have concluded, NO, we shouldn’t offer chocolate […]

May 31

Teething Period: Troubles & Cure

Teething period is the crucial time when a baby needs substantial attention and care. The teething period is the period in which the baby starts to have hardened gums and teeth come out. This period is the period in which a baby feels pain and gum sensations. This video explains the teething problems of a […]