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precautions after caesarean/C-Section delivery
Aug 01

Precautions After Caesarean/C-Section Delivery: A Guide For Recovery

  The delivery time is the crucial time point for both the parents as well as the baby. If this is a normal delivery, there are lesser chances of post-delivery medical apprehensions. But if this is a caesarean or C section delivery, it is just like any other surgery. And all the precautions which apply […]

May 31

A Guide on Precautions after C Section Delivery

Normally, mothers who under-went a C-section delivery remain worried about the health issues which they may come across. Here is the video guiding those mothers to prepare and help themselves for and after the C-section delivery. Happy Motherhood ! Happy Parenting ! Here is the video! For information on affiliate links, please refer to our […]