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How Mother’s Mood during Pregnancy Affect the Baby

Mother’s mood during pregnancy affect baby’s growth and development in both way positively & negatively. What a mother think or feel is directly transmitted to the baby through blood cells of placenta. We have brought this video to put lights on how growth of unborn baby is affected by the positive and negative thoughts of mother.

A home is a place where all the family members including family guests meet, chat and live with each other. The soothing environment of the home plays an important part in making every family member feel good while expressing, meeting or chatting with each other. Both the negative and the positive things may have their own effects on the conduct of the family in its entirety.

Here is more on how pregnant women mood affects the baby’s health during pregnancy.

Remember, the womb of a pregnant woman is the first home of the unborn baby and it becomes most important to take care of his/her first home by none other than the pregnant woman herself with all the support and care of her family members, her partner and friends. Whatever, a pregnant woman thinks or feels is transmitted by the placenta to the unborn baby. This placenta is the life root supplying all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the unborn baby by miracle of the nature.

And this is the way a baby connects to his/her mother inside her womb and feels attached to her for the rest of the life after birth. Hence, it becomes necessary for a pregnant woman to take care of herself with attention to both parts of her health i.e. physical as well mental health.

The mood or the state of mental health plays an important part in the early development of the unborn baby inside the womb. Whatever, a pregnant woman feels or expresses directly makes her baby feel inside the womb. If you are happy, your baby also feels the joy inside you, you can feel this by the movements inside your womb. If you are sad, you may have a swinging mood, your baby is also going to feel the same way.

Stay away from depression:

During the entirety of your pregnancy, you must not be depressed even for a while. Try as much as possible to stay away from the circumstances which may depress you. Various studies show that the the chances of pre-mature birth increases manifold if the pregnant woman has been depressed during her pregnancy. Under weight baby can also be the result of having stress during your pregnancy. The cognitive strength (mental health) of the baby is directly affected by the mental preparedness and happiness of yours during the pregnancy period. So, be away from the stress or depression if you want you and your baby be happy and healthy.

How to manage stress:

At times, there are circumstances where we feel depressed even to maximum efforts of ours to stay away from the same. Here comes the role of your partner, your family and friends. Share as much as possible all your feelings with your partner, family and friends. Try to harness every opportunity to laugh and feel joyful. Spend some time gardening some plants. While watering plants, have a feel that you are also having a little plant like life inside you growing with all your support and happy vibes. Read good books and have a short walk or little exercise daily to relieve stress.

So, enjoy the pregnancy ! Let your baby have an environment of happiness and joyfulness!

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