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When & How To Introduce Eggs To Your Baby

Being parent especially a mother you very well know how important the breastfeed is for your baby. The breastfeed is expected to the first food of a baby. The breastfeed helps your baby get all the vital nutrients which the baby needs in his/her first few months, atleast first six months. The breastfeed not only helps your baby grow physically but also emotionally, your baby will have a strong emotion bonding with you if you regularly breastfeed him/her.

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The time will come when your baby will require more nutrients than what he/she is getting from the breastfeed. It is after first six months that you may consider offering semi solid diet like purees. You may read more of our articles and see videos on baby foods in the Baby Foods section.

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How To Introduce Eggs To The Baby?
The eggs are known for their high protein content and can be very helpful when it comes to the increased requirements for nutrients of the baby. Here we are briefing down some of the healthy tips for the same.

Follow Three-Days Rule.
While introducing any new food, always follow the three days rule. This rule will help in pin-pointing if the baby has any allergy symptoms out of the recently introduced food. As per this rule, continue to offer the new food for at least three days to know of any allergy symptoms. If you come across any allergy symptoms during this period, discontinue that food immediately and re-introduce after few days.

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Egg Yolks can be offered to the baby between the age of 8-10 months. The whole egg may be introduced only after the age of one year. For how to offer the egg yolk or whole egg to your baby, see the video above.

If your baby shows any symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, rashes or difficulty in breathing, visit your doctor right away. Also, adhere to the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness around & surround your baby. Always look for the allergy symptoms arising out of any food item because being the mother, your are the first doctor of your baby.



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    Dear Neha, It is recommended to offer only egg yolks to the baby of an age less than 12 months. After 12 months, the baby can be given whole egg. Egg yolks should preferably be given in mashed form. For this purpose, formula milk may be used for mashing up the egg yolk.

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