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How Much Weight Is Normal In Pregnancy: A Guide On Healthy Weight

It is very scientific and important that weight is gained in and throughout the pregnancy. Getting optimum weight is seen as a symptom of healthy pregnancy. If you are worried as how much this optimum weight should be. Here we are explaining the same.

Why Do You Gain Weight In Pregnancy.

If you are asking this question, probably you are a curious one as it is normal to gain weight, the healthy weight during the pregnancy . The baby inside your womb, the placenta and the motherly liquids all become part of the total weight of a pregnant woman.

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To know how much weight is normal, see the video below:

Consequences For Not Having Optimum Weight.

If your are over-weight.

In case you are over weight there are more chances of a c-section/ caesarean delivery. You will experience high blood pressure throughout your pregnancy which is neither goo for you nor for the baby inside you. Post delivery you may be left with over weight if you are over weight during the pregnancy tenure. So, avoid getting more weight than recommended.

What should you do.

Undertake short walks. Take light to medium exercise under the advice of your doctor. Avoid taking much of sugar and solid fat.

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If your under-weight.

If you are under weight, premature birth can be a result which is NOT good for the baby. Under weight mothers do give birth to under weight babies so maintain optimum weight during your pregnancy. Another fear in case of under weight pregnant women is that of delivery time complications and during labor pain.

What should you do.

Take small meals frequently. Take lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruit juices. Avoid junk food to gain weight, it is unhealthy practice. Avoid Stress or the things which may depress you as the stress if taken during the pregnancy is not good for your and your pregnancy.

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