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Nutritional Values of Yogurt & Its Benefits To Children

Yogurt has many nutritional values, for detailed information on the nutritional values of Yogurt, see the video below. Besides, Yogurt can be introduced to the baby after six months as a semi solid food.

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Benefits of Yogurt to Babies.

  • Rich source of calcium, potassium & vitamin D. With these properties, the yogurt helps your baby to have stronger & healthy bones and teeth.
  • Light at digestive properties, the yogurt is digested easily by the baby.
    Yogurt is a supplemental food for the lactose intolerant babies.
  • Yogurt help in treating and avoiding symptoms of diarrhoea among the children.
  • Yogurt contains the probiotics which helps to have healthy gut and improved digestion system in the babies.
  • Yogurt also helps insomnia in children and helps baby fall asleep at times.
  • Yogurt helps in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) in children.
  • With improved digestive system, the yogurt helps babies have better immune system.
  • Yogurt is significantly helpful in treating hepatitis and jaundice cases.


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