Yogurt has many nutritional values, for detailed information on the nutritional values of Yogurt, see the video below. Besides, Yogurt can be introduced to the baby after six months as a semi solid food.

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Benefits of Yogurt to Babies.

  • Rich source of calcium, potassium & vitamin D. With these properties, the yogurt helps your baby to have stronger & healthy bones and teeth.
  • Light at digestive properties, the yogurt is digested easily by the baby.
    Yogurt is a supplemental food for the lactose intolerant babies.
  • Yogurt help in treating and avoiding symptoms of diarrhoea among the children.
  • Yogurt contains the probiotics which helps to have healthy gut and improved digestion system in the babies.
  • Yogurt also helps insomnia in children and helps baby fall asleep at times.
  • Yogurt helps in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) in children.
  • With improved digestive system, the yogurt helps babies have better immune system.
  • Yogurt is significantly helpful in treating hepatitis and jaundice cases.


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